Monday, March 2, 2009


Soon, our new little girl will be here. Next Thursday to be precise. Here's one of the latest photos I've received:

Isn't she darling?

We're eagerly re-puppy proofing the house and getting the rest of the necessary supplies for our new little girl, such as a new crate, blankets and toys.

As we prepare, I can't help but worry about how the boys will feel about the new addition. I mean, will she be able to be a part of this?:

Will our boys allow her to be a part of their cuddle puddle? Will they exclude her because she's a girl? Becasue she's just a baby?

Since she's coming from a litter of 9, I'm hoping she's picked up a lot of rough and tumble skills from her litter mates. She'll need them to keep up with our super active boys.

On the whole though, I'm excited. She's going to be so tiny and sweet. After all, she'll be the youngest puppy we've ever had, since Loki came to us at 14 weeks, and Ares at 19 weeks. I was looking at old photos of Loki and found this:

He was such a cute mischievous little guy, even then.
And so we'll keep getting ready, and hope everything goes smoothly when our new puppy arrives home.


Pedro said...

I heard you guys got ab oatload of snow in Maine! Our grand total was about a foot! I really don't mind the snow when I have a path to walk on. The walls of the path were so high I had to leave pee mails all over the place!


Pedro said...

Oh! What's your new sister's name??

Nancy said...


Bijou said...

You guys are getting a baby sister? How exciting is that?!?

My mom was worried I wouldn't like having a baby brother but I do, most of the time anyway. I bet she will have you boys wrapped around her little paw in no time. BOL

Wags & wiggles,

Pink Chihuahua Princess said... guys are so cute! I can't wait till the new baby comes! Our mom says you can never get too many chihuahuas.

Rich Dansereau said...

Chihuahuas are awesome. I have a long haired female and she is very loving and playful.

Inspiration By Karen said...

She is beautiful as all of them are!

CastoCreations said...

She'll be okay! =) She is SO freaking cute. lol I wish I could have a small dog...but it won't be until Trooper goes over the Rainbow Bridge.

We have four dogs and there's always an adjustment period. They tend to work things out. :)