Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Back

I know it's been a while, but I'm jumping back on the blog train. After dealing with my job loss last month, it was hard to get motivated for a while. But life goes on, and I'm feeling better about it. Time to start sharing once again.

The dogs are doing lovely. No matter what happens in our lives, they keep us smiling.

Ziggy has been quite the handful. He has issues with anxiety, which we've been working through. I guess it's to be expected when a dog has been in four different homes. We're working with him with love love and patience, and hope that soon he will stop worrying that we're going to send him somewhere else. He is the world's greatest cuddler, and has a playful and loving nature. We adore him, and he's truly a part of the family.

Loki and Ares celebrated their first birthdays and continue to be healthy and happy. Loki had a rough period adjustment when Ziggy moved in, but seems to have accepted him. Vixen is still growing, and she's bigger than the boys. She's the cute baby girl, and she knows it.
This past week, we puppy sat and got to watch Loki and Ares' mom Cashmere and her new litter of four amazingly cute puppies, as well as their other chihuahua, Chiquita. It was a ton of fun.

Cashmere and her puppies

Little Chiquita

Ziggy and Ares
Ares and Vixen
And so things go on. And I'll be around more to share :)