Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snuggly Jammies

A while back I custom ordered a pair of adorable doggy pajamas from Caties Critters after seeing them on Etsy. When they arrived I thought they were absolutely perfect, and totally well constructed out of a soft fleece.
Tonight, It's freezing, and the puppies have been chilly, so I pulled the pajamas out and put them on. I'd forgotten just how awesome they were. Easy to put on, with no snaps or zippers, the bottom is also totally open so the boys can pee without getting their jammies all gross. Plus, they're soooooo darn cute:

So thank you Caties Critters for making my doggies adorable, warm pajamas that they don't take off and can do everything they need to comfortably.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Treats

Our boys are spoiled absolutely rotten. There's no use denying it. Their wardrobe is far better than mine, and they have so many treats and toys that it borders on ludicrous.
Despite all of the things they have at home, there is one treat the boys have always craved- beef bones. Our neighbor's golden retriever always has beef bones, and several times when Loki was just a tiny puppy, we;d go visit in their yard, and Loki would desperately try to drag off the bones which weighed more than he did. When we visit our mother-in-law, her dogs have the same giant beef bones, and both the boys try their darnedest to drag them all over the house.

For the longest time I've looked for beef bones in their size, but it's been a no go. Then, last weekend we went to a local high-end pet store called Fetch. We were poking around at all of the neat stuff, when, low and behold, in the freezer section, I saw them- small bison bones!!!! I was so excited! Unfortunately the only package of the small ones they had was reserved for another lady. But, the lovely people there said that they got a delivery every Friday. So, on Friday I went down on my lunch break and picked up two packages of the all organic bison bones.

When I got home, I gave them to the boys. To say they were a hit would be an understatement:

Now, we know we can't give these as treats often, but that just makes them more special, and more enjoyable. Plus, we hope the chewing will help with the last of their stubborn baby teeth. Here's to hoping!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little BC

The breeders over at Silver Spoon Chihuahuas, where we got Loki and Ares, have had a new arrival, little BC!

BC stands for Bob Crowley, the name of this year's winner of Survivor, and who happens to be a co-worker of Shelia, one of the owner's. They gave the little guy this name because he was the only puppy from this litter, and he struggled a bit at the beginning.However, he is a true survivor, and is now fat and happy and truly thriving. He's a full brother to Loki and Ares, as he has the same damn and sire as them.

Here's BC with his mom Cashmere. Isn't that a great photo? Can you tell where Loki gets his muzzle freckles from? lol.

And here's BC with his sister, Tequila, who is Loki and Ares little sister from their litter. Shelia reports that she's been very attentive to little BC, and it's adorable!

And here's a sleepy little BC all on his own. Isn't he precious??

I hope I can go over to visit soon. There's nothing like holding a teeny tiny puppy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Doggy Pen

So, PetCo has been having a great sale online, and I took advantage of it for a doggie item I've been coveting for some time- a collapsible pen that we can put outdoors for the dogs to run around in. I've been putting off buying any, as they're outrageously expensive in the stores I've looked in, and to order the, online, the shipping makes them even more expensive due to their weight.

And then came PetCo's fabulous online, after holidays sale. This entailed both a price reduction on the pens, and free shipping over $60! This also happened to fall on a week where I had the money to make this purchase. I ordered two of 30" high pens so we could put them together outside to form a really good area for the puppies to play leash-free.

I placed the order on Tuesday, and received the pens last night, just two days later. I was totally impressed. After taking the pens out of the box, we were very pleased at the construction and ease of set up. They're everything we hoped for!

Today my husband took an extra shift and has to work all day, a rare event for the puppies. So, instead of crating them for a cruel amount of time, we set up one of the pens in bedroom, where they can have their food and water, doggie bed, pee pad and all of their toys, plus plenty of room to romp around and tackle each other. Suffice to say, the pens arrived just in time.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Pottie Progress- Pt. 1

So here's the pottie update: So far, a whole lotta nothing.

We put the pottie box in our bedroom in where we have the pee pad. We haven't put any litter in yet, but just lined it with a pee pad, as suggested on the litter box. After that, we put both of the boys in the box to show them they could go in it, and there was a pee pad in there.

The next day on of the boys pooped in the bedroom. We moved the poop to the box and showed both of the boys the poop in the box. Later that day, one of the boys pooped in the box! We were super excited, and thought we were totally on the right track.

Then the bubble burst. Two pee spots were found right next to the box. I put down another pad in front of the box so they would at least have a familiar place to still pee. They've peed on that, but not in the box. Yesterday, as it was well below freezing, it was hard to take the boys out. I picked up several poops from downstairs, and not one made it in the box.So far- Epic Fail.

I know not all things come quickly, especially when dealing with very stubborn little dogs. We're not giving up, so I'll keep posting on our journey with the dog pottie. And please, if anyone has any tips or ideas, please feel free to share them.