Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun in the Sun

The Summer has slipped by so fast, it's hard to think about.

The dogs have been enjoying beach excursions, and visits to the new dog park we've discovered. Loki still leaves a lot to be desired in the social skills department with other dogs, but we're doing our best to work on it and expose him to new dogs.

I have finally found a new job, and it's been a rough transition for both the kids and the dogs to have me gone again. I miss them all, and wish I could be a stay at home mom for the kids and the dogs. Maybe someday.
So for now we grab what days we can together as a family, and enjoy the sun.
Our dog's friend Teezer surrounded by fluffy little chi puppies

Vixen loves being outside at the dog park. Can you believe how BIG she is?

Aresm relaxing in the sun.

Ziggy and an adorable chi pup

Vixen and Loki, tempted by a stick

Loki and his little sister Tequilla

Monday, August 3, 2009

Chihuahua Sleepover!

Our Chihuahua friends have been visiting us for a few days once again, and it has been a real blast. Twelve little dogs all on one house!
Cashmere (Loki ans Ares' mom) is here with her puppies, and they have gotten so big, and super adorable. They're like little scampering balls of ridiculously cute fluff.

We took all of them to a local park for a nice long walk, and it really showed us what a headache having so many dogs could be. As much as I often fantasize about having hordes of Chihuahuas, I couldn't imagine trying to walk so many barking, pooping dogs again. lol.
On the other hand, having the puppies here has really got me thinking about how much fun it might be to do some hobby breeding with Vixen and maybe another female in the future when we finally own our own home.