Friday, March 6, 2009


All right, now that I have your attention, it's really not a dire emergency. Promise.

You see, for a while now, I've been subscribing to Chihuahua Connection magazine. Every two months, I look forward to my issue- and every two months I find myself a bit disappointed. I won't go in to details, I'll just say that I've been wishing it was better, and thinking up ways to make it that way.

Well, after mulling it over for ages, I decided to try to put together a mock up of my own chihuahua magazine. I"m not really sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I do know I want to at least send out copies to chihuahua lovers and get their feedback.

And this is where I need help. In order to do a good mock up, I need some great chihuahua photos and articles. The articles can even be generally relating to small dog issues, such as health concerns, etc. There are so many great dog bloggers out there, that I just know you guys can help me.

So please, let people know that I'm looking for help on a project I hope will take off. Please send any photos or articles (they can even be converted blog posts) you'd like to lend to my project at Thanks in advance!!!


J.E.R.B. said...

Hi, Thank you for reading Samson's blog... we hope you find it informative and encouraging. Please feel free to use any of our posts for your new project or email us if you want us to write an specific article, we've love to be part of what you are doing. Chihuahas are great dogs... have you ever heard of Maybe you can find some ideas there too. Best Wishes.

Nancy said...

You might want to try to join a Flickr group related to Chihuahuas and Twitter to hook up with some like-minded Chihuahua owners and you might get some responses.

designsbyone said...

I have tons of pictures of my baby (a chihuahua mix) on my blog and etsy shop ( Feel free to look around :) good luck!

Pedro said...

Did Vixen arrive yet?? My mom says she's really not a very creative writer but she does have some cute pictures. She'd love to read your magazine though!


v-viridian said...

Suggestion from the person: you might look around for the program that was training Chihuahuas to sniff for drugs in prisons and other limited-space places. Little dogs aren't just for cuddles, after all, and it would be an interesting interview.

Eric S. said...

I'll send you something I did a little while back. It has been rank top in it's category at Helium.