Monday, March 23, 2009

New Duds for Vixie

Having a girl dog is a lot of fun. Even though we've only had her for about two weeks, I'm loving dressing her up. So much so that I've even started making her dresses. I just got this pattern from So great! The pattern is just adorable and fairly easy. Check out the first dress that I've made so far:

It's hard to get good photos of a bouncing puppy. Especially when her brothers get involved:

(Sorry for the sideways-ness, it wouldn't load strait)

On the whole, things are going well. Vixen is finally sleeping through the night, and, aside from a few snarling matches, the boys seem to have accepted her.

The bad news? Potty training is slow going, and she seems to be dragging the boys down with her. Luckily it's warming up and we can start going outside more regularly. Keep your fingers crossed.

Also? She very nippy. We've been yelping to show her it hurts, and putting her on the floor when she gets too rough in her play. We've also been shoving chew toys at her.

So all in all, she's a puppy :) We adore her and she's been wonderful. Now only if she'd stop leaving little puddles everywhere....


Bijou said...


Vixen's dress is very Springy. I like it. Mom loves to dress me and Banjo up too. I'm glad to hear everyone is getting along. My baby brother can be a pain sometimes but I'm happy he is here.

Mom says she totally agrees about how difficult it is to get good pictures of puppies.

Wags & wiggles,

GSD Adventures said...

Awesome outfit! Very stylin'!

Pruett and Daphne

Sharon said...

That dress is SO painfully cute. She looks like a little sweet-heart :)

S and D

Ineke said...

What a cutey, but hey chihuahua's can't help being cute.
Licks and wags from Mocha and Latte and a hug from our mom Ineke

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Oh my gosh! Our mommy just found your blog, you guys are so precious!!! XO Belicia & Tzeitel

Split Rock Ranch said...

She is adorable! Some dogs just take a little longer to catch on to the house training. We still use wee wee pads at our house! I know my dogs cannot hold it as long as we have to be gone sometimes so we put wee wee pads out - I we don't like to put the dogs out at night due to the wild animals lurking around the ranch - so they have learned to use wee wee pads whenever they need to go and can't go outside. If only we could train them to use a litter box like the cats!

Pedro said...

Great job on your 1st dress! Have you seen all of Lorenza's dresses? I bet she would like Vixen's new dress! She's such a cute little girl!


Fisher said...

Vixie is a little darling and I love that you dress her up in little dresses. What fun! The Woman here would love to dress me and little brother, but the Man gets upset about it, so we keep peace in the family. I am kinda glad about it, though.

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Ahhh...what a little blessing she is! I'm impressed with the great job you did on her dress. She looks adorable.

Rambo said...

Girls Rule! At least that's what my sister says. I like being a boy and not having to put on those silly frilly dresses.

Rambo the chi