Monday, December 29, 2008

Pottie Ho!

All right, so building the pottie box just ended up being to much work at this time. I'm sure I'll get to it eventually, but now is just not the time. Probably when the weather gets better, because sawing wood and coating things with polyurethane is not a good indoor activity.

So, to tide us through the difficult winter months and my stubborn dogs, this weekend my husband and I went to PetCo to pick up a doggie litter box and some dog litter.

I checked around at all of the local pet supply stores, and PetCo was the only place that had a box made especially for dogs. I checked the reviews online and it seems that the opinions are very mixed as to how well the dog uses it, how the litter smells, etc. Which means, of course, that only time will truly tell.

Tonight I'm going to set up the box with a pee pad on the bottom to get them used to it before I introduce the litter. I really hope the dogs will use it. Otherwise, it's going to be a VERY long winter.....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Potty Box

Due to the frustration Loki is experiencing going out in the cold (Ares apparently loves it!)and the frustration I'm experiencing by cleaning up the dog messes on the floor, I recently did a random Internet search for some indoor doggy bathroom solutions.

At first I was a bit overwhelmed. I didn't realize that there so many options, from regular litter boxes with special doggie litter to crazy fancy self-watering indoor lawns. I just couldn't believe there were so many options out there that I'd never even heard of.

Of course, when you look into a product that's not exactly used much, price becomes an issue. Most of the options I like were well over $300. Now, that may not seem like much to most people, but that's a big chunk of change to me. I love my dogs, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars on something they're going to be peeing all over.

The one system I liked the best is the Pet Patio Potty To me, this seemed like the most reasonable and attractive solution. However, once again, this potty system once again prices out at over $300 with shipping.

After studying this particular potty however, I came to the realization that I could probably make one of these myself. As I looked at it more, I I decided, yes, I could indeed make this.

Last night I took a trip to Lowe's and priced out materials. Last night I sat down and sketched out the dimensions. Tonight I may purchase materials and get to work. We'll see how ambitious I feel. I'll be sure to document my processes. If It comes out right, I think I should be able to put this together pretty easily for under $50. Stay tuned....

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Christmas Tree

We finally got our Christmas tree and the boys have been a bit confused. I mean, there's a real tree in our living room after all.

Decorating the tree was a good time. While the kids helped to decorate the tree, Loki and Ares scampered around with their brand new Christmas bones, decked out in their little elf style collars.

As you can see, the new new rawhide chews were a smashing success.

We also put up a new ornament to commemorate our first Christmas with the boys.

We're so happy to be having our first Christmas with our new doggie additions to the family.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Well, this weekend we had our first snow that stuck to the ground, and the temperature has plummeted. The doggies are not happy. This is their first weekend, and they were first baffled, and then horrified at the white stuff covering the ground.

Even though both Loki and Ares are long haired Chihuahuas, they still don't do well with the cold. Even bundled in their jackets, they're shivering as soon as they hit the outside. Of course, so am I. I don't think anyone does well in 9 degree temperatures.

I ordered the pups some winter booties for the outside, but they're just not small enough and will have to be returned. Unfortunately, they were ordered online and will have to be returned via mail, which I hate. But, who knew the boys' paws were oh so tiny? I thought for sure xxsmall would be perfect. Ah well, you live and you learn.

For once I'm not praying for a snowy winter. The husband and I have been discussing some kind of outdoor shelter to help the dogs go outside and do their business without completely freezing their tails off. Hopefully we can come up with some options that won't break the bank. In the meantime, bathroom breaks are faster than ever, with the boys darting under blankets as soon as they get inside.

Ah, the joys of a New England winter!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Newest Obsession

As if having two Chihuahuas, two cats, two kids and a husband isn't enough to keep my hands full, I've recently brought another puppy into my life- a virtual one.

That's right, Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS has a Chihuahua edition, and I just had to have it. Now, I don't have a DS myself, I just high jack my son's at night when he goes to bed. If I had one of my own, it may be hazardous to my health.

The game actually allows you to choose from a few different breeds in each edition. This one has chihuahuas, and a few others that I haven't' paid attention to yet, including a Yorkie, Boxer, etc. But really, for me, it was all about the Chihuahua.

The game starts you off with limited funds with which to purchase your puppy and basic care supplies. I purchased a brown and white female long-haired Chihuahua and named her Isis.

Among the first things you have to do with your puppy is teach them their name and a basic command, which is done via voice. I felt pretty foolish speaking into the little gaming device, and my husband gave me a few odd looks.

So far I've been a bit dissapointed with the shopping options allowed for in the game. I'm hoping that as I earn more money more options will open up, but I'm not sure. As for earning money, you have to enter various competitions, including Agility, Obedience and Disc Throwing. It's a long and tedious process involving a LOT of training.

Overall, it simulates the experience of having a puppy well. When you take it on walks, you have to pick up poo, and the puppy will often stop to scratch its self and what not. They require feeding, bathing, love, training and all the rest. It's very time consuming, and may leave your real puppies glaring at you as they lay next to you in bed. But overall, I'd say give it a whirl, it's pretty entertaining.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Please, come on in, sit down! What? It looks a little bare in here? There aren't any chairs? Or walls? Errr, I guess you're right. It's hard to hide the fact that this blog is well and truely under construction. However, I did want to kick it off with a first post and introduce you to my blog and tell you a little bit about what I'm aiming for here.

This blog is dedicated to my love of chihuahuas, specifically my two long haired boys, Loki and Ares, but also chihuahuas in general. You see, I was never a dog person until Loki stole my heart. Now I see there are just so many facets to owning a dog, especially a small dog. Here, I want to review small dog products, share intereesting chihuahua tibits, and discuss issues surrounding small dogs. Of course, there will always be a lot about my two chihuahuas in here as well.

So kick back. I promise this place will be a lot cozier soon....