Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poor Loki

My Loki is a sad little puppy:

And this is why:

Yesterday, while I was at work, my husband called me in a panic to come home right away because we had to bring Loki to the vet. When I arrived home, there was blood everywhere, and my husband said while he had the dogs out in the yard, somehow Loki had caught one of his claws and almost ripped one of his back "toes" right off.

The vet was wonderful, and took him right in. We had to leave him because he needed sedation in order to be patched up. They removed the broken nail and patched up his toe and wrapped it all up.

Loki is not happy about having his foot wrapped to say the least. I've caught him trying to chew it off several times. However, he LOVES the liquid antibiotics he has to be on for the next few days. Oh, and he gets to delay bath time for another two weeks. He's going to be one sticky, smelly dog by the next time we can get him in the tub. But at least he's all right, and I can live with a little dog smell any day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Beach

Finally the weather has cooperated enough to give us a chance to take the chis to the beach. This was their first trip to the beach, and we were curious to see how the doggies would respond to the sand, to the waves, and all of the new exciting ocean smells.

Ares, our champion sniffer, loved all of the ocean debris laying around:

Vixen kept sticking her nose in the sand, leaving her with a sandy nose to match all of the other places in her fur she got sand:

All the dogs were fascinated by these balls of sea stuff we kept finding on the beach. They appeared to be compacted sea weed and grass, and who knows what. All that mattered was that the dogs were crazy for them:

This is the dog's cousin Mopsy. He's a fun happy little Bichon that belongs to my mother-in-law who the chis get along with great. Mopsy had fun running around off leash- unfortunately our dogs aren't quite ready for that yet.

And of course, there was Loki. My husband thought for sure he would bark at the waves, but he didn't. Granted, he barked at everything, and everyone else,(including some giant horses riding on the beach) but not the waves. He had a great time poking around as well:

Now we know the dogs will have no problems spending the summer days at the beach. I just can't wait until we can all get in the water!

And, on another note, this trip to the beach finally gave the dogs a chance to find some cool beach goodies for Pedro's mommy's table! I can't wait to send them along.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome Back Spring!

So, now that the warm weather is finally beginning to show it's face around here again, we've been taking full advantage of the sunshine and spending a lot of time outside and away from the computer. The dogs are loving it, and so are the rest of us.
Loki is still healing from getting fixed. Luckily it's healing up nicely, and he hasn't been licking at his stitches. In a few more days they should start dissolving. It was rough watching him be so uncomfortable, especially since he also had four retained baby teeth taken out at the same time, so his mouth was tender too. But he's bouncing back like a champ :)

So, just to prove we all still exist, here are some lovely bath time photos from the doggies before Loki's surgery:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cute Overload

Sorry I haven't posted lately. Sometimes life just gets a little crazy.

This weekend we were so excited to have a nice day and spend some time outside. We put the dogs outside in their pen so they could scamper around while I did some yard work. Before long, our neighbor came over and introduced our puppies to some new friends- A mama bunny and her babies.

The dogs had a blast getting to know their new friends, and were very gentle with the babies:

We're hoping that this is just the first in a series of nice Spring days. I'm sure the bunnies will be back to play.
Loki is getting neutered tomorrow. I'm nervous, but I keep telling myself everything will go just fine. Keep your fingers crossed for my boy!