Friday, January 2, 2009

Pottie Progress- Pt. 1

So here's the pottie update: So far, a whole lotta nothing.

We put the pottie box in our bedroom in where we have the pee pad. We haven't put any litter in yet, but just lined it with a pee pad, as suggested on the litter box. After that, we put both of the boys in the box to show them they could go in it, and there was a pee pad in there.

The next day on of the boys pooped in the bedroom. We moved the poop to the box and showed both of the boys the poop in the box. Later that day, one of the boys pooped in the box! We were super excited, and thought we were totally on the right track.

Then the bubble burst. Two pee spots were found right next to the box. I put down another pad in front of the box so they would at least have a familiar place to still pee. They've peed on that, but not in the box. Yesterday, as it was well below freezing, it was hard to take the boys out. I picked up several poops from downstairs, and not one made it in the box.So far- Epic Fail.

I know not all things come quickly, especially when dealing with very stubborn little dogs. We're not giving up, so I'll keep posting on our journey with the dog pottie. And please, if anyone has any tips or ideas, please feel free to share them.


wildcatsthree said...

How about if you wiped up the pee with one of the pee pads, then placed it inside the box to attract them with the scent. It's just a thought - I know it can be a long haul training as you said "stubborn little dogs." Just when I think I've managed to train Rosie, she gets smacked in the face with pelting ice or rain and refuses to go out, and I know I'll find a pile in the basement in front of the washing machine. Good luck to you.

cathy said...

I was going to suggest the same thing wildcatsthree said. That's what trainers suggest is to get a paper towel, wipe up the pee or dab alittle poo on it & then place it where you want the pup to do, whether outside or in a litter box.