Friday, January 9, 2009

New Doggy Pen

So, PetCo has been having a great sale online, and I took advantage of it for a doggie item I've been coveting for some time- a collapsible pen that we can put outdoors for the dogs to run around in. I've been putting off buying any, as they're outrageously expensive in the stores I've looked in, and to order the, online, the shipping makes them even more expensive due to their weight.

And then came PetCo's fabulous online, after holidays sale. This entailed both a price reduction on the pens, and free shipping over $60! This also happened to fall on a week where I had the money to make this purchase. I ordered two of 30" high pens so we could put them together outside to form a really good area for the puppies to play leash-free.

I placed the order on Tuesday, and received the pens last night, just two days later. I was totally impressed. After taking the pens out of the box, we were very pleased at the construction and ease of set up. They're everything we hoped for!

Today my husband took an extra shift and has to work all day, a rare event for the puppies. So, instead of crating them for a cruel amount of time, we set up one of the pens in bedroom, where they can have their food and water, doggie bed, pee pad and all of their toys, plus plenty of room to romp around and tackle each other. Suffice to say, the pens arrived just in time.

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Eric S. said...

We have three of these pens. I love them, they are so easy to set up, and you can use them anywhere. We use ours mostly for the birthing, and the puppies when there is a litter.