Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little BC

The breeders over at Silver Spoon Chihuahuas, where we got Loki and Ares, have had a new arrival, little BC!

BC stands for Bob Crowley, the name of this year's winner of Survivor, and who happens to be a co-worker of Shelia, one of the owner's. They gave the little guy this name because he was the only puppy from this litter, and he struggled a bit at the beginning.However, he is a true survivor, and is now fat and happy and truly thriving. He's a full brother to Loki and Ares, as he has the same damn and sire as them.

Here's BC with his mom Cashmere. Isn't that a great photo? Can you tell where Loki gets his muzzle freckles from? lol.

And here's BC with his sister, Tequila, who is Loki and Ares little sister from their litter. Shelia reports that she's been very attentive to little BC, and it's adorable!

And here's a sleepy little BC all on his own. Isn't he precious??

I hope I can go over to visit soon. There's nothing like holding a teeny tiny puppy.

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Katie and Gizmo said...

Oh he's soo cute. I just wanna hug and lick him all over.