Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Please, come on in, sit down! What? It looks a little bare in here? There aren't any chairs? Or walls? Errr, I guess you're right. It's hard to hide the fact that this blog is well and truely under construction. However, I did want to kick it off with a first post and introduce you to my blog and tell you a little bit about what I'm aiming for here.

This blog is dedicated to my love of chihuahuas, specifically my two long haired boys, Loki and Ares, but also chihuahuas in general. You see, I was never a dog person until Loki stole my heart. Now I see there are just so many facets to owning a dog, especially a small dog. Here, I want to review small dog products, share intereesting chihuahua tibits, and discuss issues surrounding small dogs. Of course, there will always be a lot about my two chihuahuas in here as well.

So kick back. I promise this place will be a lot cozier soon....


Nancy said...

Welcome blogger, looks like you got a great start. Was looking for your Entrecard to drop, but couldn't find it. Your Chihuahua's are adorable! Woof -- that's a welcome for them too :)

Eric S. said...

Well hello and welcome. You can move the furniture in a little latter.

Chi's are such unique dogs. So many people don't know what they are missing by not having these sweet little bundles of love and energy in their life. I'll be looking forward to future posts about your kids, and see what products you try out.

Thanks for visiting my site.

wildcatsthree said...

Welcome! Your pups are so cute. My Rosie sounds much like Lokie. I didn't have any experience with Chihuahuas before we adopted Rosie, and she is like a second skin to me - in fact she's on my lap helping me type this comment right now, unlike Abby (cocker spaniel) who is snoring away in the other room. Chihuahuas are definitely a breed unto their own, and I love them.

Jonathan Hunt said...

Seems like you are making a great start on your blog already :)

Looking forward to reading it more often!