Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Newest Obsession

As if having two Chihuahuas, two cats, two kids and a husband isn't enough to keep my hands full, I've recently brought another puppy into my life- a virtual one.

That's right, Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS has a Chihuahua edition, and I just had to have it. Now, I don't have a DS myself, I just high jack my son's at night when he goes to bed. If I had one of my own, it may be hazardous to my health.

The game actually allows you to choose from a few different breeds in each edition. This one has chihuahuas, and a few others that I haven't' paid attention to yet, including a Yorkie, Boxer, etc. But really, for me, it was all about the Chihuahua.

The game starts you off with limited funds with which to purchase your puppy and basic care supplies. I purchased a brown and white female long-haired Chihuahua and named her Isis.

Among the first things you have to do with your puppy is teach them their name and a basic command, which is done via voice. I felt pretty foolish speaking into the little gaming device, and my husband gave me a few odd looks.

So far I've been a bit dissapointed with the shopping options allowed for in the game. I'm hoping that as I earn more money more options will open up, but I'm not sure. As for earning money, you have to enter various competitions, including Agility, Obedience and Disc Throwing. It's a long and tedious process involving a LOT of training.

Overall, it simulates the experience of having a puppy well. When you take it on walks, you have to pick up poo, and the puppy will often stop to scratch its self and what not. They require feeding, bathing, love, training and all the rest. It's very time consuming, and may leave your real puppies glaring at you as they lay next to you in bed. But overall, I'd say give it a whirl, it's pretty entertaining.


Eric S. said...

Ah a virtual Chi, interesting. I don't think we would have time, between the 8 Chi's we have and the frequent litters. They keep entertained more than you can imagine.

Blinda does have a couple of Chi's in her SIM's game when she gets to play it.

wildcatsthree said...

that sounds like it would be fun. I may have to check out one myself.