Friday, December 12, 2008

The Christmas Tree

We finally got our Christmas tree and the boys have been a bit confused. I mean, there's a real tree in our living room after all.

Decorating the tree was a good time. While the kids helped to decorate the tree, Loki and Ares scampered around with their brand new Christmas bones, decked out in their little elf style collars.

As you can see, the new new rawhide chews were a smashing success.

We also put up a new ornament to commemorate our first Christmas with the boys.

We're so happy to be having our first Christmas with our new doggie additions to the family.


Nancy said...

They are the cutest little Christmas elves! Merry Xmas.

Two Greyhound Town said...

Very cute pictures! I hope warmer temperatures come your way.

Matt said...

Great pictures. We always include our dogs in the Christmas fun around the's a great time. enjoy!

Eric S. said...

They look like they are having soo much fun. Have a wonderful merry Christmas.

Mayhem said...

What cuties! My chi doesn't like rawhide unless it's banana flavored...little weirdo. lol

Lindsay said...

Your dogs are so cute. You must get comments about how cute they are all the time! Great pictures!