Thursday, May 7, 2009


Once again, life has gotten away from me, which makes blogging slip my mind.

Loki is doing great. His bandage is off, and he's running around like a champ. Thanks to his antics in the mud, he even landed himself a bath with Ares and Vixen, despite his best efforts. My husband already told me that thanks to a romp in the mud this morning, all of my careful grooming has gone down the toilet.

Vixen is growing like you read about. She's huge, already the size of the boys and passing! Everyday she looks like a different dog. Her coat is starting to fringe out a bit, and I'm excited for it to really start coming out.

Ares is... well, Ares. He's just as timid, but snugly as ever. He was a bit upset that my husband picked up some extra hours this week, causing the dogs to be left alone more than their used to. This has made Ares a little extra clingy the last few days, but we don't mind at all. He's the world sweetest cuddler.

Other than that, we're waiting out the rain, and hoping for some more sunny days to romp around the yard.


Bijou said...

Hi Loki, Ares and Vixen

We are glad to hear Loki's foot is all better. It would be great to see new pictures of Vixen. I bet she has grown a bunch.

Wags & wiggles,

Pedro said...

Wow, Vixen is bigger than the boys already? I'd really like to see some new pictures of her! Glad your foot is all better Loki! Ares, I know how you feel when your dad works too much - I feel the same way when my parents do too.